Bob Hoffman does an entertaining talk called 'The Golden Age Of Bullshit.'

It's about how, in his opinion, social media doesn't work and we should mostly just make TV ads.

This blog post isn't about whether he's right or wrong. (Though for what it's worth, I think he's wrong).

What I want to say here is that even if Hoffman were right, it would be our duty to make him wrong.

Bob was cock-a-hoop last week, because he found a research report which concludes, according to his post on The Ad Contrarian, that "social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter is substantially worthless." 

Bob's writing is full of such zingers; here's another: "As an advertising medium, the web is like communism. It's never very good right now, but it's always going to be great some day."

Bob is now making his living from 'debunking' social media.

He often compares social media practitioners to snake-oil salesmen, which is a bit harsh. It's an evolving medium - the frontier of commercial communications - and you're always going to get a few shysters on any frontier.

But let's leave aside the occasional shyster. Let's leave aside the occasional gloomy research report.

Instead, let me lay a fact on you:

Twelve per cent of Australians' entire media consumption today, is Facebook.


That - to me - is an absolutely staggering, world-changing figure.

We just have to make it work, people.

We just have to.

Every time a new medium is invented, it takes the ad industry a little while to crack the code, and figure out the best way to make advertising for it. Ever seen the first TV ads? They were crap. But eventually, we managed to make TV effective as an advertising vehicle.

Bob reckons social media advertising doesn't work. I disagree with him.

But as I said at the beginning... if Bob IS right, we need to make him wrong.