A statue of a committee

It was G.K. Chesterton who said: "I’ve searched all the parks in all the cities and found no statues of committees." Well, he was wrong. Blogger Jennifer Dziura found this one in Ecuador.

I'm reminded of the quote because there's a new ad blogger in town, my friend Julian Watt, ECD at GPY&R Sydney, who is writing some beautiful posts at A Creative Meander.

His most recent piece is a wonderful observation about how everyone on the bus nowadays is "praying to their electronic devices." No one daydreams any more. Julian recommends daydreaming, as an opportunity for ideas to waft in. I am going to attempt this. Despite my current addiction to the fiendish iPhone game known as Candy Crush.

In an earlier post, Julian also pleads that despite the modern proliferation of brainstorms and workshops, we must "keep good respect for that one individual who opened their mouth and said, “What if we did this?!?” That first utterance is what starts everything. And without it, what do you really have?"

Very true.

I'm actually coming around to the idea of workshops. Although an idea can only happen inside the brain of a single individual, and not simultaneously in the minds of a committee, it is definitely fruitful to have other people around at times. They prompt ideas in me. Who knows, maybe I prompt ideas in them.

So, check out Julian's blog. There's a lot of smart thinking there. Not least of which is his decision to give it a title beginning with 'A'. Working to the principle of those plumbers who call their business AAAAA000000011111 Plumbers, he will appear first in many blogrolls.