Last week a friend of mine said on Facebook: "Craft awards don't count. Fact."

I sniggered at that.
Maybe because I was brought up to believe that 'the idea is king'. Maybe because I'm from a copywriting background. Or maybe because I'm mildly disgusted that Cannes gave out over 100 Lions for Craft this year.
There's even an entirely separate category for Film Craft, added in 2010. I can't deny there have been some worthy winners. Philips 'The Gift' won the inaugural Grand Prix. In 2011 it was won by Puma 'After Hours Athletes', in 2012 it was Canal Plus 'Bear, and this year the visually stunning 'Meet The Superhumans'.
But do they count as much as the non-craft awards?
Well, John Hegarty always says: "It's 80% idea, and 80% execution," and he normally knows what he's talking about.
And maybe we under-appreciate craft, since the art of it often lies in not drawing attention to itself.
For example, I was recently chatting to someone involved in the post for Sony 'Balls'.
The whole intention, he told me, was to make it seem real - like there had been no post.
But in actual fact there was loads. That ad was in The Mill for weeks.
They took out the mortars that fired the balls. They took out the nets that caught the balls. They took out the balls themselves, in places where there were too many.
And they took out the strings that pulled the frog.
That's right - the frog was on strings.
Blew my mind, when I heard that.