Ah yes, I've moved to Australia.

And I like it here - I like it a lot.

You can't beat the weather, and the advertising's not bad either. There may be only 22 million people in the country, and another 4.5 million in New Zealand, compared to hundreds of millions in Europe, hundreds of millions in the US, and bajillions in Asia… but, Australasia punches way above its weight in world advertising (i.e. Cannes) terms.

So I left BBH - after which they've obviously enjoyed their most successful period ever - and came out here to be Deputy ECD at DDB Sydney, but I've now set up my own thing. Yes, Scamp has become an agency. Well, that's putting it rather grandly. At the moment, it's just me and a layout pad. So I'm more of a creative independent than an ad agency at this point, but in the future... who knows? I've registered Scamp Creative Pty Ltd as a company, I have a new logo (see above), I've opened a business bank account… heck, I'm feeling dangerous!

If you want me to work on something, do get in touch. I have two children, and they always need shoes, and food, and stuff like that. My email is simon dot veksner at gmail dot com. If you would like to see my portfolio, it's at simonveksner.com.

And what else have I been up to? The main thing is, I'm writing another book. It's for Laurence King, the same people who published How To Make It As An Advertising Creative, and this one's going to be called 100 Ideas That Changed Advertising. It'll be another in a very successful series they have which also includes 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design, 100 Ideas That Changed Architecture… you get the picture. Anyway, these books are great. Bite-size chapters (because there are 100 of them!) with lots of pictures. And they're not just sold in boring old bookshops, but also in fun places like Urban Outfitters, where the young people go.

Hopefully there's still a role for advertising books in 2012. Another good one has come out recently, called Advertising For People Who Don't Like Advertising, by the KesselsKramer people. They just contacted me to do an interview, probably in the hope I'd plug their book. Mission accomplished! It's a well-deserved plug though. The book looks great.

As you can see, I am re-starting Scamp. It's not going to be like before, though. I won't be doing a daily post of latest ads, news and gossip. There are others who are doing that extremely well - principally Ben Kay in the UK and Campaign Brief here in Australia. I am going to post once a week, an in-depth piece about some aspect of advertising and creativity, which will hopefully go up every Sunday night.

While I've been away, a lot seems to have changed in the blogosphere. Of the blogs I used to have on my link list, it looks like American Copywriter, Dan Germain, Diablogue, Gwen Yip, Happy Thought, JP and Tem, Minds For Rent, Not Voodoo, The Barry And Troy Show, The Ideas Brothers, 10 Ad, Ad Hunt, Ad Arena, Advertising for Peanuts, DigiCynic, Meme Huffer, Planning For Fun, Punk Planning, The Staufenberger Repository, Client Side, Creative in Kansas City, Digital Stuffing, Experience Curve, FishNChimps, Interactive Marketing Trends, Knitware, Nitmesh, and Room 116 have ceased trading. Maybe they found something better to do with their time. I hope they did.

Then again, Adland, AdScam, Brand DNA, Campaign Brief, Copyranter, Creative in London, Creativity_Unbound, Dave Trott, Hey Whipple, If This Is A Blog Then What's Christmas, Logic + Emotion, Lolly And Nat's Whipple Squeezer, Real Men Write Long Copy, Rubbishcorp, Sell! Sell!, The Toad Stool, Where's My Jetpack, Welcome To Optimism, Ads of the World, Adverbox, Advertising/Design Goodness, Bannerblog, Best Ads On TV, David Reviews, Scary Ideas, The Inspiration Room, ViralBlog, Adliterate, Faris, Hee-Haw Marketing, Jaffe Juice, Life Moves Pretty Fast, Living Brands, Northern Planner, Only Dead Fish, Russell Davies, The Communications Room, Adbusters, B3ta, Bad Banana, It's Nice That, Notcot, PostSecret, VVork, Gapingvoid, Marketing Unleashed, Tom Fishburne, AdForum, AdFreak, AdPulp, AdRants, Adverblog, Agency Spy, Beyond Madison Avenue, Brand Republic, BrandFlakes for Breakfast, Coloribus, Crackunit, Creative Review, Creativity Online, Hidden Persuader, IHaveAnIdea, Joe La Pompe, Spinning Around, The Ad Contrarian, and The Denver Egotist are still going. Hurrah! If you can think of any new ones I should stick up, please let me know.

Meanwhile, it seems everyone has moved to Typepad. Is that good? And what about Twitter? Do I need to announce each Scamp post on Twitter also, or should I reserve that medium for a separate stream of pithy musings? So many questions.

Anyway, that's it for the re-introduction.

It's good to be back.