For once a good piece in Campaign today, about ad people who write novels.

They name-check the classics - Fay Weldon, Salman Rushdie, Dorothy L Sayers and Len Deighton, and they also mention James Herbert, though they neglect to include James Patterson (interestingly, ex-Account Man not Copywriter; and supposedly accounted for 19% of all adult fiction sales in the US last year).

From today's crop, they interview the lovely Paul Burke (ex-DDB, now freelance, author of well-crafted 'light read' Father Frank), Meg Rosoff (ex-JWT, author of How I Live Now, impressively disturbing tale), Lorelei Mathias (freelancing at Euro, author of Step On It, Cupid, which I haven't read) and Jonathan Drapes (CDP creative director, author of Never Admit to Beige, which I haven't read but it sounds good, might give it a go).

If you're interested in books and writing and that, then you will definitely be interested in a new blog called Insecticide, in which a London advertising Creative Director who has written a book, blogs about the process of getting it sold.

His reasons for doing it include "It's enjoyable... The possible cash... You can say you're an author, and authors are generally respected, thought to be clever and more interesting than, for example, valve salesmen."

Who is he? For the moment, he wants to remain anonymous. But judging from the quality of writing displayed on his blog, I suspect he won't be for long.

"There's a place for a decent page-turning action novel," he writes. "To compare books to films, although there are many Armageddons, there are also many Terminators. I hope I've written the latter rather than the former, but I definitely haven't written Madame Bovary."