I recently learned that Scott Goodson, founder of StrawberryFrog, has a blog - which he describes as “an inspiring blog for people who want to spark cultural movements.”

Cool, I thought. What wisdom will a top international ECD have to share with us?

“Recently I changed tickets from other airlines and decided to give Delta the benefit of the doubt," he writes.

However, all did not go well.

“On 3 separate First class flights in the last month, flights that flew for over 3 hours, I did not receive anything to eat, except for a tiny bag of nuts or pretzels.”

Nightmare. “Don't fly Delta First class,” Scott concludes. “No food, no First Class service.”

Then we have a music review: “VAMPIRE WEEKEND DOESN'T SUCK,” claims Scott. “I really liked this new band. My favorite track is 4. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.”

Later. “I'M IN GOA,” he announces. “The flight down to Goa from Mumbai was lovely. Indian-owned Jet Airlines is a remarkable up-and-coming airline that will teach the old AA+Delta+United+Continental gang a thing or two.”

Back to brands. “Brands can no longer put on the clothes of ‘greenness’ without putting their money—and actions—where their mouths are,” Scott believes.

Later, Scott reveals that “The largest country in South America and only slightly smaller than the United States, Brazil is a fascinating, colorful, cosmopolitan mix of style, culture, music, food, and more.”

Whatever. How was the flight?

“Kevin, Chip and I were treated very well on Tam, the national airline of Brazil. Most fortunately, we were met by Ronaldo at the airplane jetty and whisked right through the long passport control line.”


“The first stop was to the hotel Unique, it is one of Sao Paulo's finest boutique hotels. The lobby, the design, the rooms, everything is a joy to be in. We certainly are not going to be roughing it.” Excellent.

Then it’s back to brands again, with Scott reckoning that “All advertisers are now acting in a very competitive market.”

So there we have it.

Another good agency that now will never hire me.

P.S. Here is their brand book. Same old nonsense, but quite nicely presented I thought.