Why does hardly anyone from advertising want to be on the D&AD executive committee any more?

This is the list of people who have nominated themselves:

D&AD Executive Elections 2008

Warren Beeby
Anita Brightley-Hodges
Paul Cilia La Corte
Alan Dye
Derek Johnston
Sigi Mayer
Marcello Minale
Paul Owen
Pal Pang
Kate Shaw
Jim Sutherland
Adam White

Simon Learman
Victor Ng

Karen Cunningham

Simon Learman is joint-ECD at McCanns; Victor Ng works at Mother. Both good candidates. But arguably, not Gods. So why are the ‘Gods’ not standing?

“I've served on the exec and I wouldn't bother again," one ECD told me. "It was incredibly frustrating - but I wonder if this is part of the wider disillusionment with D&AD amongst ad creatives.”

A former D&AD President I spoke to stressed that he was honoured to have had the role, but found the organisation “slow and old-fashioned.”

“The last thing I wanted was to achieve fuck-all,” he said. “But that’s what ended up happening.”

And another ECD I got in touch with claimed: “There’s a real weakening going on. I look at the ballot and I haven’t bothered filling it in for the last 3 years.”

Simon Learman’s plans for D&AD seem basically sound - he says: “I’m beginning to wonder if there are too many categories, too many pencils, which means the awards night leaves everyone trying to catch their breath.”

And he worries that while D&AD “runs a superior ship, and is a good and true barometer for creative excellence” it may be “trying to be all things to all people… diluting its worth.”

Crikey, I'm becoming such a journalist. Anyway, what do you think? Are the candidates less good this year? Or do our ECD’s just think they are, in the same way they probably think policemen are getting younger? Let me know.