Apparently the top brass at Lowe (not Ed Morris, the management guys) mentioned this poll at an all-staff meeting. And I suspect one or two other ECD's (hello Brian & Simon) may have had some kind of campaign going.

Respect to them.

This is a competitive business, and if you're not the kind of person who wants to win - even if it's just a stupid poll on a stupid blog - then you're in the wrong game.

Let's look at the results.

Jeremy Craigen wins. On sheer consistent quality of work, that seems fair.

You could make a strong case too for either Richard Flintham, Robert Saville/Mark Waites, Tony Davidson/Kim Papworth, or Trevor Beattie. Don't forget that, as well as winning a shitload of awards, these guys have also built a business.

Some of the ECD's on this table have not been in the job long enough to really put their own stamp on an agency's output - e.g. Nick Gill, Mark Hunter, Russell Ramsey - so I suspect their vote might look different in a year's time.

I'd also love to see a separate 'value-added' table, like they do for schools. In other words, look at which ECD has improved their agency's work the most, or done the best work relative to the talent at their disposal.

That will have to be for another time I guess.

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