But first, the result of last week's poll.

Pleasingly, we are mostly happy. Only 20% of you either "don't like" or "hate" your current agency. So why do you whinge so much? Eh? Answer me that.

This week we're voting on who is the best ECD at a Top 30 Agency.

I've based the list on Campaign's most recent Top 30.

However, there's no one from TBWA or Delaney Lund in the poll - both have recently lost their ECD's and are yet to appoint a new one. I've also left out Ogilvy, since they have four creative partners and explicitly reject the ECD role.

In some cases, I may have put in the wrong people. Should I have added some of the 'Chairman' types like Gerry Moira and Mark Roalfe? Maybe. If I've badly muffed one or more of the choices, I apologise. Still, it should be interesting.

Vote now, in the right hand column of this blog.

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