I thought it might be fun to give Scamp readers an idea of what other Scamp readers are like.

So I asked the winners of the photography competition to tell us a bit about themselves and what they're into, and hopefully point us in the direction of some interesting stuff.

The contest winner was English Tim, an Art Director working in London. His prize was a glossy book (I got sent two copies by mistake), called 'Guerrilla Advertising' by Gavin Lucas & Michael Dorrian.

Tim's 3 Favourite Ads are Kia-Ora, Flat Eric, and this one for X-Box 360.

His 3 Favourite Websites are: ffffound, Vector Park and Be Kind Rewind.

In second place was Stefan Hawes, from Vancouver. His prize was a set of postcards by LA-based artists Kozyndan, the ones who may or may not have inspired the Sony 'Bunnies' ad.

"I'm an account guy by trade," says Stefan. "Sorry about that. I spent about 11 years with DDB Vancouver and Tribal DDB San Francisco. In mid-'06 I went client-side to run marketing for an online retailer. And since last December I've been doing freelance work and trying to find a new agency gig, to no avail so far. Vancouver is a bit of a secondary market unfortunately."

Stefan's three favourite websites (in addition to his own periodically updated blog are his iGoogle page, where he tracks "a few dozen" blogs; Rotten Tomatoes - "I love movies but I hate wasting my time. Very helpful"; and Tag Galaxy- "New and not particularly useful, but it blows me away."

His 3 favourite 'ads' are Goodby's Get the Glass game for Milk ("This showed how well online work could really be done. It elevates the medium"); Diamond Shreddies - last year's campaign from O&M Canada. "Insanely simple but a great idea very well executed"; and finally, any late '80s Nike - "I'm a North American child of the '80s. This is the reason why I got into advertising in the first place. This is where I learned about the emotional impact that advertising could have. And this is where I learned that the business didn't just sell stuff, it creates culture and has an impact on society."

The last three books he read were: God Is Not Great - Christopher Hitchens; The Game - Ken Dryden; and The Omnivore's Dilemma - Michael Pollan.

In third place was Dave Bradbury, another Art Director in London. His prize was a set of James Bond '50th anniversary of Dr No' stamps (again, I was lucky enough to have been sent two sets).

Dave says: "trying to work out my top 3 ads ever is a tricky one, and I reckon if you asked me again next week I’d say something different", but when pushed he picks Levi’s ‘Swimmer’ - "The best of an incredible bunch"; Pretty much any Nike poster from the early 90’s Simons Palmer era, e.g. “Ever Heard the Algerian National Anthem? You Will”; and a 'live' activity from a few years ago - "A guy in a wheelchair waits at a set of traffic lights, if a driver pulled up and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt then the wheelchair guy went over and tapped on their window. He’d then hand them a leaflet saying something like 'I didn’t wear a seatbelt either.' Kind of effective."

His 3 favourite websites are Flickr; the Vice magazine blog – "good for staying down with the kids, and new stuff"; and Thaksin Sceptic – "a useful and informative place for the disenfranchised Man City supporter."

The book he recommends is British Prints From The Machine Age – Rhythms of Modern Life 1914–1939 by Clifford S. Ackley. "Sounds a bit full-on but it’s a fantastic book of Lino cuts and prints."

And what about the rest of you? Any recommends?