Sir Frank Lowe - "sold ad"

There's a stonking debate over at Lunar's on the addition of Planners to the juries for the Campaign 'Big' Awards.

Meanwhile, Dave Trott is on fire too. Before blogging, how often would you get to hear the thoughts of an industry legend like Trotty? Once a year maybe? Now you can read him every day, and he's brilliant.

(Having said that, I do disagree with about 80% of what he writes. Fortunately, Dave doesn't seem to mind; I guess he loves a good debate. Or perhaps he just hasn't figured out how to delete people's comments yet)...

Anyway, one of his latest posts is a story about how Frank Lowe sold an ad at CDP.

I'm really happy he has posted something positive about Account Men. Creatives give Account Men almost nothing but stick. And that's quite boring.

So I'm going to tell a positive story too.

A few years ago, my partner and I (this was before Scowling A.D.) had written a not-terribly good poster for a car, which called our biggest competitor "a turkey".

For some reason, the stock shot of a turkey we had found was terrible. It just didn't look plump like a turkey should, and the client wasn't happy. We were short of time so we asked the Account Man to give it another go. He was successful, by telling the client that, on the contrary, this shot depicted the ideal bird - slim and beautiful - "it's the Helena Christensen of turkeys." Who could say no to an argument like that?

If you have a story of an Account Man doing something good - doesn't have to be about selling an ad, they do do more than that - post it into the comments.

Let's feel some Suit Love in the house.