First they put Planners on an awards jury. Now this...

Ever heard of the 'Slogan Of The Year' awards? Me neither, until we were nominated for Originals Never Fit. Anyway, the judges include: Steven Jennings (Trade Marks Attorney, Lewis Silkin); Gill Shaw (Head of Brand Intelligence, Mintel); and Pauline Amphlett (Principal, Intellectual Property and Naming, Brand Guardians).

Doesn't that just sound sooooo fun?

Okay, so I definitely won't win now that I've slagged them off. But if you want to see who might, the nominations are here.

To be fair to the British Institute of Slogans, or whatever they're called, there are one or two rather better-qualified folk on the jury, such as Dave Trott, who has himself penned some of advertising's most memorable slogans, and Richard Foster (legendary writer, AMV). Also the Slogans Hall of Fame on their website is mildly diverting.

While we're on the subject of slogans, it's curious to me how some Creatives reckon they're outdated. The term 'slogan' is outdated, for sure, but a line that concisely expresses a powerful strategy, that still has a lot of value, doesn't it? Especially in pitches. Nine times out of ten, it's a line that wins a pitch.