Most of you think they are deliberately sacrificing their print work, to make the TV good. I've been in touch with some Fallon creatives over the course of the week. They don't know the answer, but they don't think it's that. Also, if that was the strategy, I think we'd see bigger packshots and more product info in the print.

The impression I get is that it's multi-factorial, so none of the three options on the poll really cover it.

If you have the answer, send an e-mail to Richard Flintham.

Okay, that's it. I'm officially sick of talking about Fallon now.

I am not going to post about that particular agency again until at least the beginning of September. Not even if their building is taken over by terrorists.

Instead, there will now be a new poll in the right hand column. It's a question suggested by Andres, an Argentine working in the US. He wonders "Is there such a thing as good and bad clients, or is that just a myth?" I get his point. Honda were running very average work, then they went to W&K, and the work became great. That suggests they weren't a bad client, they just didn't have a good agency.

Then again, Nike and VW nearly always get great work, and they're with a whole slew of different agencies around the world. Even Grey could do a good Nike ad, couldn't they?

Or does great work come out of great relationships? That theory sounds good, but are there cases of great work happening, despite a fractured relationship, which would disprove it?

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