Last week nearly everyone voted that good work was primarily the result of a good relationship. I don't know about that. It certainly sounds nice. But there's plenty of cosy relationships out there producing shit work. I mean, agencies like Grey and McCann are known for the strength of their relationships, aren't they?

I voted that it's the Agency. Sounds egotistical, but there are certain agencies that do pretty good work on nearly all their accounts. That's not a coincidence.

This week's poll is about what is the best size of agency to work at.

The best post I've ever read on the subject was in a brilliant and under-appreciated blog called Advertising For Peanuts, in which the author came up with this neat list of Pro's and Con's:

Small Agency

You do everything, start to finish
You feel like part of a family
Uncomplicated work environment
You feel like you own the place

You do everything, start to finish
Social life?
No creative resources

Medium Agency

You have help from other departments to realize the work
Good peer pressure
Good roster of hungry clients (I think the size of the shop attracts the size of the client)
Lots of assignments floating around
Little politics

Long hours
Medium is a stepping stone to large

Large agency

Good pay and benefits
Short hours
Nice people

Lots of politics
Too many people working on a project
A good meeting is better than good work

But what's your preference? Let us know. And cast your vote, in the right hand column of this blog.

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