Probably this.

Fern Britton, presenter of TV's 'This Morning', was collecting £200,000 a year to be the face of slimming aid product Ryvita. Pleasingly for the Ryvita people, she lost weight. However, she failed to mention she had had a gastric band operation. Full story here.

I love this quote from the Client:

"The facts as we see it are simple, Fern has lost weight through a regime of healthy eating and exercise," said Nigel Nelms, the marketing director at Ryvita.

"The gastric band... may or may not have helped her in the early days but we respect her rights to privacy on this personal matter."

I love stories like this. The glittering mask that is advertising, just sliding off the face of reality for a second.

We've seen Adidas spokesperson David Beckham snapped in Nike shoes before, and Sainsbury's frontman Jamie Oliver's wife with Waitrose shopping bags. But this beats those.

I think we'd have to make some up to do any better. Here's my Starter for 10:

"Kris Marshall arrested for keeping stepdaughter in cellar."

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