I am very disappointed with Campaign, who have published Dave Trott's classic text "How to get your first job in advertising" as a pamphlet which they are giving away free with today's issue, because I fear Young Creatives may read it and be influenced by it.

I do have enormous respect for Dave Trott. He has written a lot of great adverts, founded two or three influential agencies, and most of all, is legendary for the generosity of his advice to young teams.

And the way he puts that advice across is completely brilliant. His arguments are masterfully put-together, always thought-provoking, and often compelling.

But is his advice correct?

Sadly, a lot of it is not. It is often wildly wrong.

Peter Souter of AMV says Dave Trott has "Nazi eyes." That's harsh. But in a way, wrong thinking that is expressed with unflinching dedication and awesome power is the most dangerous kind of thinking there is.

I would love to go through what he says and demolish it line-by-line. But that would look petty. (Scowling A.D. already thinks I am cross because Dave Trott is "a competitor in the advice to Young Creatives market").

So all I will say is that Dave Trott wrote this think-piece in the 1970s. Now, I'm not saying that any how-to guide written 30 years ago must automatically be out-of-date. But... if you were a car designer, would you be reading car-design pamphlets that were 30 years old? The world has changed. The internet has changed things. 30 years of advertising in the last 30 years has changed things.

I don't know if Dave himself would stand by what he wrote 30 years ago. I suspect he would. He's that kind of guy. Fair play to him.

Anyway, he's now sharing his advice for a whole new generation on his blog. It's fascinating stuff as ever. I disagree with most of it, and have left the odd comment.

But have a look for yourself. And then tell me - should we be listening to this man? Or should he be locked up?