So the Press Lions are out.

The UK didn't win any. Not one. Is our whole nation completely useless? Must be, I guess.

I actually like the Grand Prix.

And this one.

But there's soooooooooo much scam in there.

Gratifying to see, for example, that the Matchbox marketing budget is not limited to Outdoor - their multi-execution poster campaign (all 3 ads the same of course) took Gold - but they can afford press campaigns too, for which they won a Silver Lion. Congratulations to that noted bastion of creativity, Ogilvy Frankfurt.

And I hope Heinz Hot Ketchup is benefiting from their big push in Belgium. Last year they ran not only a poster campaign with three different executions (which took Silver) but also the same executions as a press campaign, which won a Bronze.

Of course they did.

Simple solution: set a 25-site minimum for Outdoor (excepting special builds) just like they did for Campaign Poster. And press winners must supply a signed-off media schedule.

Cannes may suffer a serious drop in entries. But it will gain a healthy rise in integrity.