The Outdoor results are in. Of course, I'm rather bitter because our Levi's work didn't even get shortlisted.

Not so bitter that I can't acknowledge a couple of gems in there:

Bronze, for a camera with image stabilisation

Silver for McDonalds - fresh salad

But I'm plenty angry enough to pass on to you what a London-based ECD texted me from the Riviera: "Cannes is FULL of scam - especially in press and outdoor. It makes me so angry to walk round and look at all the ads for dog neutering, penis enlargements and join the priesthood."

Nothing new there, I suppose. But it's even more depressing, I think, to see ads which are probably for real clients... but which clearly never ran as posters.

Bronze. But do we believe that a brand of highlighter pen buys posters?

You see virtually unbranded 48-sheets in Thailand all the time. Of course you do. Silver.

And in Singapore, photo-libraries consider Outdoor an essential component of their media mix. Yeah right.

Happy to be proved wrong, but I don't believe that 50% of the winners in the outdoor category ever ran as posters. If indeed they ran at all.