Yes, I know Cannes is over. But sometimes the fall-out takes a few days to settle.

First of all, I got in touch with the team from DDB South Africa who won the Press Grand Prix (for Energizer batteries), which later proved to be based on the same idea as a Nickelodeon campaign.

Here is what their ECD Gareth Lessing had to say (best read in a South African accent):

Shit ya we ripped it off completely!!!


It's always shit when there is something else out there and it's only brought to your attention after it has won anything. We are not the first guys it's happened to, and trust me we won't be the last.

Are there really those out there that rip work off? If so, sad, but there are probably more who acuse people of ripping than there are who actually do rip work off.

I would never enter a piece of work into Cannes if I knew it had been done. I'm always the one to say the shit words...."Hey that's been done" but I am not psychic and would never assume or accuse the team of ripping it off.

Yip i have seen the Nickelodeon stuff "NOW" because it's been shoved in my face.

All I can say is - hey, that website that shows duplicate work [Coloribus, Joe La Pompe] now has a new entry. Than again, maybe it's already there with a piece that was done even before it...


Props to Gareth, for having the cojones to come on here and make what I think is a pretty convincing defence.

Second of all, it seems this almost completely unbranded Thai 48-sheet for Alka-Seltzer, which was originally awarded a Silver, has been withdrawn from the competition.

Philip Thomas, the Cannes Lions CEO, told Campaign journalist Suzanne Bidlake that some entries are withdrawn at a late stage and that “it’s not for us to question why.” That's right. Don't bother policing your rules, or sanctioning those who break them.

Thirdly of all, and worstly of all, is a scandal surrounding this lovely ad, which won a Bronze in the film category. (It's been taken down from YouTube, if that last link doesn't work, try searching under 'speed dressing').

The Wall Street Journal reports that U.S. retailer J.C.Penney knew absolutely nothing about the ad, and is pissed off because its racey message is out of line with their values.

To me, this is a new low. There used to at least be some honour amongst scammers. You could pay to make an ad yourself, and you could pay for it to run (once) yourself, but you had to at least get the client's permission.

If that rule is gone, I might as well shoot someone with a cellphone up their a***, say "Is your mobile network screwing you?" stick a T-Mobile logo on it, and send it in for a Lion. Good chance, do you think?

UPDATE - AdRants hears that the J.C. Penney ad has been withdrawn from Cannes.