So, what have we learned?

1. The UK is shit at press, apparently.

2. All the people who accuse me of giving Juan/ Fallon undue praise are wrong. Gorilla won the Film Grand Prix. Fact. That's Juan's second GP after his Tate posters. You can criticise the man's hairstyle, perhaps, but you can't fault his creative ability.

3. It isn't a good idea to look through all the winners, as I did. You just get depressed. Overall, there's a lot of good stuff around. Great dialogue in the American TV ads is particularly noticeable, and clever strategy from all over the world. Still, if it encourages one to work harder, in a 'Boxer from Animal Farm' kind of way, then maybe it's no bad thing.

For what it's worth, here's my 'Should Have Been More Than A Bronze Surely' award -

Love this ad. Yes it's portentous, but it's so damn visceral also. Always loved Michael Mann (he directed this) and that music from The Last Of The Mohicans gets me every time.

And here's my 'Crikey How The Hell Did They Get To That Idea?' award -

Click here for a version with English subtitles.

It's an Argentinian ad for the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival, and it took Gold. Awesomely surreal. In fact, combined with the wonderful Skittles ad, it seems surrealism could be the next trend. Lobster.

What did you make of the results?