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Today's post is about workplace stress. And the title relates to the theory that companies could face massive lawsuits in the future for exposing their staff to unsafe levels of it.

I was recently told of a London ad agency where paid time-off for stress is so common they've even coined their own phrase - they call it "going for a lie down."

Apparently the Shell tanker drivers who are going on strike for more pay have turned down an offer of £38,000 a year. That's 38 grand for driving a truck. Do we earn enough to compensate for our rather higher stress levels?

Do people shout at you where you work, even though it's 'only advertising'?

Have you ever cried at work? Or made someone else cry?

Do you drink more than you should, to 'de-stress'?

Have you done other jobs - if so, how do the stress levels compare?