I'm mystified. Totally mystified.

The result of this week's poll (which was reader-generated, thanks to Anonymous for the suggestion) shows that 47% of you would rather work on a brand that isn't known for good advertising.

Basically, you are displaying a completely irrational preference for an unknown quantity, compared to the excellent chance you would have of doing great work and winning awards that there is on a VW or a Sony.

Unbelievably, only 3 people voted for Cadbury's. (One of them was me). Let me just spell out the full extent of my disbelief here. Less than a month ago this brand's advertising won a black pencil at D&AD.


If you were a striker, you would want to receive the ball six yards out, with only the keeper to beat, wouldn't you? And you'd definitely prefer that to receiving the ball in a position no one has previously scored from, wouldn't you?

I'm just at a loss as to what's going on here. Please explain.

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