Here it is.

I was surprised by the negative reaction when I 'hyped' this yesterday.

This is an ad that got a full page of coverage in every single national newspaper and on every single national newspaper website.

It's an ad that's well branded (you're not going to tell me anyone doesn't know it's for Honda).

It was genuinely interesting to watch - you didn't know if it was going to work or not.

It was in tune with the brand message (here is my one gripe - endline should have been 'Difficult is worth doing' not 'Power of dreams'). 'Difficult is worth doing' is a great strategy, in my view, and great for Honda.

It redefines the medium in at least one way - first live ad since 1950something. And taking up the whole ad break is not that usual either.

What is the better TV ad we have seen so far this year?

I don't think I'm hyping it.

I think it's rather good.