Tonight Channel 4 airs a 3-minute live ad for Honda, made by 4Creative.

19 skydivers will jump from a plane and attempt to form the word 'Honda', which leads to the strapline for the new Accord - 'Difficult is worth doing.' Full story here.

The ad hasn't even gone out yet, but in my view, I don't think it's too early to call this one as a Black Pencil. D&AD describes the standards for a Black Pencil as "a piece of work or campaign that is truly groundbreaking; the kind of work that redefines a medium."

If the first live ad of the modern era doesn't do that, then what does?

It's certainly more groundbreaking than the Black Pencil-winning Gorilla, which while a brilliant TV ad, did not redefine the medium. (Opinion borrowed from AdWeek piece.)

I love the quote from the client too: "If it works, people will know who it's for. If it doesn't, they won't." Respect to Ian Armstrong, Honda's manager of customer communications. Here is a man playing to win, rather than playing to not lose, like so many clients seem to.

Of course, there is a rumour going around that either the skydivers get the logo right or their parachutes don't open. But hopefully that is just a rumour...