I went to a corporate party last night.

It was for the launch of LG's new series of Scarlet TV's. Quite a neat idea - the pre-launch activity was all about pretending they were launching "a new TV series".

They even signed up David Nutter, director of Smallville, to pretend to be directing it. Website here (N.B. is not a BBH campaign, it was Agency.com I think).

Anyway, for a corporate party, it was pretty cool. Lindsay Lohan was at the LA event. In London was supposed to appear Grace Jones, but she didn't show. Apparently she refused to leave her suite at the Dorchester because she hadn't been given her fee in cash, in advance. Not many divas of that calibre around nowadays.

But we did have Noel Fielding (in case you don't know him, he plays Vince Noir, and various other characters, in The Mighty Bhoosh, comedy programme on BBC). I was in awe; wanted to get my photo taken with him but was too shy. I should have just gone up to him. He seemed very happy, not surprising as he was constantly surrounded by about eleven girls, and was probably being paid a small fortune to be there.

Anyway, if you've never seen this clip - 'Old Greg' from The Mighty Bhoosh - you have a real treat in store.

It is probably the funniest thing ever. Ever.

P.S. thanks for all the birthday wishes