Paul Arden's ads were brilliant, and by all accounts he was a brilliant creative director too.

But what strikes me the most - reading all the stories about him in Campaign, and on various blogs - is... just how many stories there were about him. Stories of how he punched people, fired people, urinated in a window box. Or offered to reduce his own salary to fund the hiring of a down-on-his luck Tim Mellors.

Thinking further about this theme... I'm sure we could all tell stories about every one of the CD's of Britain's Top 20 agencies, couldn't we?

This leads me to wonder - to have a great career, as well as being great at advertising of course, do you need to be the sort of person that others tell stories about?

Do you need to be extreme?

What if you're not. Can you fake it?

Or, deep down, are we all profoundly weird and individual... but most of us - for whatever reason - don't let enough of our real selves out like Paul Arden did.