Most of you don't believe that Juan Cabral earns a million pounds a year.

Well, I've heard it from two separate sources so I'm pretty confident he does (the figure includes a value for share options).

And of course he deserves it. He easily brings in more than that for Fallon.

But you know what? I'm very happy that Juan is so well paid.

Because it's the hope - however unlikely - of one day obtaining a salary like Juan's, that makes the daily grind of brand books and research groups a little more bearable for the rest of us.

Freakonomics has a chapter that reveals most drug dealers live with their mothers. They have to - they actually earn very little money. The main reason they take such a low-paid and dangerous job is for the chance they could make it to the top of the hierarchy, where there is much money. And fringe benefits.

The same equation works for what the book calls the "glamour professions", which it says are are writing, acting, music and art. Musicians and artists are prepared to earn next-to nothing for years, in the hope that they could one day become Mick Jagger or Damien Hirst.

And us? Freakonomics refers to advertising as a "second-tier glamour profession", along with publishing, if I recall. That means the same rules apply to us, but a bit less so. The riches aren't so great at the top, and people won't work quite so long for so little at the bottom.

But we're slipping.

The days of copywriters driving Ferraris are long gone.

We need Juan to be earning a million pounds a year, if we want to retain our status. You wouldn't want to work in a third-tier glamour profession, would you?

Please note there will be no more Juan Cabral posts for 40 days and 40 nights following this one.

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