I didn't really want to post about this, because it's a bit tawdry.

But let's face it, this is what everyone is talking about this morning (along with 'Trucks').

What happened is that someone at CHI sent round an e-mail from a work placement PC with details of everyone's salaries. That's right. Everyone's.

It went round late at night, so I.T. managed to get it deleted before too many people had seen it.

But then the next day (Friday)... it was sent round again.

Personally I think the idea of the rogue hacker is almost more interesting than the details of everyone's wages, which are pretty much what you would expect.

Companies are notoriously secretive about pay - I've always thought it might be a good thing if they were open about everyone's salaries. St Luke's always were, and the effect on their morale was said to be very positive.

I wonder what effect it's having over at CHI...