Dan Germain, creative supremo at Innocent Drinks, is looking for a copywriter.

Dan says: "It’s still me writing all of the rubbish that people have to wade through whenever they buy an innocent smoothie. Imagine the delight on a child’s face when he/she realises that someone new and fresh wrote the copy on the back of that label, and not that old guy with the beard again."

You rarely see job ads for creatives, and when you do, they're often dodgy. Scowling A.D. and I once applied to a "Creative team wanted" ad that appeared in Campaign. It said at the bottom of the ad "No wankers". We got the job, but unfortunately our boss was himself a world-class wanker. I guess it should have been obvious. I mean, who else but a wanker would write "no wankers" in a job ad?

But that isn't the case here. Dan is someone that I've known (virtually) for some time and I can state with confidence that he is a good egg.

See full info on Dan's job here.