Creative team during a briefing
(Incorrect attitude)


We Creatives like to think of ourselves as maverick uncontrollable rebels.

But we're not.

The truth is, we're all too compliant.

How many briefs have you rejected - ever? How many have you even challenged?

I've seen briefs where under "single-minded proposition" there were three adjectives. Linked by two uses of the word 'and'.

How can you possibly write a good ad to that?

Now, it's true that before the brief gets to you it will have been signed off by your creative director. Perhaps by a few planners and clients also.

Nevertheless, a brief is not a legal contract. It's a series of suggestions, a step in a process - and you're a part of that process.

So don't be like rabbits just sitting there in your hutch, happy to nibble on whatever you're given.

Be like the tiger cubs. Cute and adorable, of course. But alert and challenging also. Indulge in a bit of 'rough play' with your planner. Bat his brief around like a balled-up pair of socks. If anything doesn't smell right, scratch at it.

Above all, if you don't feel the brief is right, say something. You may be surprised how much say you can have.

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