I don't think much of McCann's.

But I do like their logo.

And 'Tell the truth' is great advice for young creatives. Now, let me be clear : this isn't for moral or ethical reasons. But purely because it will help you create better adverts.

1. It's more interesting. Telling the truth can often make an ad nicely raw, fresh or edgy - especially in staid categories.

2. It's more persuasive. Something that contains a genuine truth about the product, the world, or the target will always be more persuasive than flim-flam. And persuasiveness doesn't just make an ad effective, it's a quality that awards juries value too.

3. It's quicker. The list of true things about the product is much shorter than the list of all the possible things you COULD say. So you save time in your workings.

4. It's easier to sell. Ads based on a truth about the product automatically have 'relevance' and are therefore easier for the client to buy.

5. It gives you more creative licence. If your ad is based on a solid truth, then executionally you can stretch it way, way far - and it will still make sense. Example: Carling have been able to set recent ads in the Antarctic, or even in space, because they're grounded in a solid truth about mate-ship.

N.B. It is possible to be EXCESSIVELY truthful. For example, the real reason that men buy Porsches is that they believe the car will make them sexually appealing to women. But this is an uncomfortable (possibly even unconscious) truth, that would be embarrassing and counter-productive to reveal. I call it 'saying the unsayable'. If you find yourself saying the unsayable, you have gone too far.

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