More than 4,000 City bankers earned a bonus of over £1 million last year. (source)

Meanwhile, Liz Hurley and her tycoon husband paid their maid just £1.20 an hour. (source)

Us advertising folks? We're somewhere in the middle.

My own view is it's pointless comparing our salaries with those paid in other industries. We generate more wealth than doctors, but their job requires more training. We're smarter than footballers, but there are fewer people with great ball control than can write a decent ad.

But for your own happiness, it's important to feel you're being paid a fair wage in relation to your industry peer group. That's why - embarrassing as it is - I think it's well worth sharing salary information with a small group of trusted peers.

If you don't know what you should be earning, you could get screwed. Of course, you could still find yourself getting screwed even if you DO know what you should be earning. But at least you'll know about it.

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