I promised a post on pay.

But I'm not going to do that.

The subject is too big, and its influence too important (let's face it, no one goes into advertising to make the world a better place).

So I'm going to do a Pay Week.

Starting with a poll (top right of your screen). Let's see if Scamp readers are driving gold-plated Bentleys, or eating old bits of carpet at the end of the month. Please note that some publications ask people how much they earn because they want to use that information to snare advertisers. Not the case here. This is pure snoopiness.

Let's look at some attitudes towards pay as well.

Are you fairly paid? What about pay levels in the advertising industry in general? Is it unfair that we earn less than lawyers and bankers? Or is it ridiculous that we're paid (on average) more than teachers and nurses?

Let's hear what you think.