Apologies for the 'unscheduled outage' earlier, a problem with blogpoll caused people trying to access Scamp to end up at blogpoll. They have also lost the most recent poll.

Doesn't matter. The results had been stable for a while, revealing that 61% of non-digital creatives are looking forward to getting involved in digital, while 39% would rather not.

It may seem easy to write off the 39% as idiots, but that would be hasty. Remember, the question doesn't measure "what do you think is going to happen in the advertising business" it measures "what do you want to spend your working day doing."

I think I understand where those 39% are at. Imagine you were someone who loved horses, and you got a job driving a horse-and-cart. Then they invent the internal combustion engine, and you are now forced to drive a van.

Now, this isn't an exact analogy, because digital is not going to exterminate other media in the way that vans eliminated horses.

But it does show that maybe it isn't fair to lambast the horse-and-cart driver as a "dinosaur" who doesn't understand that "the goods delivery business has totally changed now."

He's just a guy who loves horses, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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