Here are the world's most popular ad blogs, as measured by traffic rankings from Alexa.

Top 25 Ad Blogs (world
1     (1)AdRants31,260
2     (2)Advertising/Design Goodness      52,627
3     (3)Duncan's TV Ad Land63,630
4     (6)Bannerblog69,745
5     (8)Adland79,875
6     (4)AdFreak80,612
7     (4)Adverblog82,263
8     (8)Adverbox93,417
9     (11)Coloribus122,744
10   (9)Copyranter129,377
11   (new)10ad    131,761
12   (10)Logic + Emotion136,131
13   (12)AdPulp190,096
14   (13)Jaffe Juice275,443
15   (14)Ad Punch310,215
16   (15)Experience Curve341,196
17   (20)AdScam359,453
18   (17)Agency Spy374,408
19   (23)BrandFlakes for Breakfast440,806
20   (18)Adliterate441,659
21   (16)Twenty Four445,174
22   (22)Crackunit454,556
23   (24)Scamp466,129
24   (21)How Advertising Spoiled Me470,943
25   (19)Behind The Buzz473,036

An ↑ means a blog's traffic has gone up by 15% or more in the past month, and a ↓ means it's gone down 15%.

Top 10 UK Ad Blogs (world
1   (1)Adliterate441,659
2   (2)Crackunit454,556
3   (3)Scamp466,129
4   (5)Faris482,956
5   (4)Welcome To Optimism        622,371
6   (6)Only Dead Fish1.1m
7   (7)Fish N Chimps1.1m
8   (8)TV's Worst Adverts1.1m
9   (re-)Serendipity Book1.9m
10  (new)Lunar.BBDO1.9m

A first appearance on the chart for my friends over at Lunar.BBDO. Okay, so their agency is not as famous as W&K, but their blog is much more interesting. Have a look.

UK means UK-based. Ad blog means ad blogs not marketing blogs, so that excludes Gapingvoid. Although Paul Colman is now a planner at W&K (how’s it going, Paul? Your blog seems to be locked at the moment) he doesn't class Life In The Middle as an ad blog and Russell Davies no longer blogs about advertising, although his Campaign column continues to be utterly brilliant. I'm only counting English language blogs.

If I've missed anyone out, please tell me and I'll put them in next time.