See Tip No.31 - How To Do Posters.

That's right. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a press ad.

What there is, is an utter myth - and I wish I knew who invented it, because I would send round my man to administer a sharp slap around their chops - that there's a special type of ad that consumers are 'willing to spend a bit more time with', 'can legitimately require some working out', or 'does not have to be instant.'

Horse shit.

Press ads have to fight harder for attention, in my view, than any other medium you could name. Let's take radio. The consumer will inevitably listen to your ad - it is too hard to reach out and switch the thing off while you are ironing. Take cinema. The consumer is in a darkened room, staring at nothing except your ad, on a giant screen.

But press? Your ad is competing directly against Britain's wittiest columnists. Against news stories about wars, financial collapses, rapists and amnesiac canoeists. Against a paparazzi picture of Lindsay Lohan falling out of a taxi.

Unless you can place your ad on Lindsay Lohan's knickers, how are you going to get it looked at?

The answer is you have to make it simple, with a never-seen-before visual and fresh design.

Don't write headlines until you've miserably failed to come up with a purely visual solution.

And whatever you do, don't write copy. This isn't 1959, when a chap would sit in his armchair, puffing on his favourite pipe, and have a good old mull over some finely-crafted advertising copy.

A press ad should be a poster on the page. Nothing more, nothing less.

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