Martin Scorsese wrote, directed and stars in this pretty entertaining piece of branded content, which is a mockumentary homage to Hitchcock for Freixenet wine.

Does it work? Yes. Not only is Martin Scorsese a great director, who absolutely pulls off the Hitchcock thing, but he's also a very engaging comic actor. There's even a rare appearance by Thelma Schoonmaker for film geeks to enjoy.

Okay, so maybe the story intrigues a little more than it satisfies, and Marty totally bent over on the packshot, but overall it's another win for branded content.

I don't think Creatives are as excited as we should be about branded content. As the content isn't being forced down consumers' throats but has to be sought out by them, clients seem to understand that these films have to be very creative. That's got to be good for us. And with little or no expense on media, some of that media budget does seem to be available to be re-invested in the creative. E.g. you can get Scorsese. Time to start taking this shit more seriously, I feel.