This consumer-created ad has won a contest run by Pringles, and will actually run on British TV - on Christmas day, in fact.

Number of mentions of product name: 8

Number of packshots: 31

Number of product shots: 100+

Sample lyrics: "You love the Pringles cos they taste so yummy... you love the Pringles cos they're happy in your tummy."

The only hint of rebellion in the brothel comes when a child's voice asks: "What IS jinglin' Pringlin'?" but he is quickly slapped down by no less an authority than Mr Pringle himself, who curtly informs him: "Just eat your Pringles, okay."

That's right, Johnny. Shut the fuck up and eat your Pringles. Daddy's making an advert.

And consumers have the nerve to criticise OUR efforts! Well take the plank out of your own eye first, 'cos guess what, you suck worse than we do.

Even the last ad that Grey made for Pringles was better.