The 'Ad Of The Year' post uncovered an interesting phenomenon - the divergence between UK and US television commercials.

Commenter 'James' put it succinctly:

Good UK ads: No dialogue / acting. Good US ads: Great dialogue / acting. I think we have lost the art of how to write. We are an industry of art directors.

He could be onto something. Think about our best work this year - Gorilla, Cake, Smirnoff 'Sea' - all visual. You could add Bravia 'Bunnies', Sony 'Walkman project' and the Guinness and Stella ads too.

Meanwhile the best US work is dialogue-driven. The first ones that come to mind are Skittles, and the Little Lad who likes Berries & Cream, but there are many others.

Here's a darn funny 15-seconder I saw on AdRants:

And how do we execute the exact same proposition here in the UK?


Is it time to do dialogue again? You know, I think maybe it is.