What were the main topics on Creatives' minds in 2007?

In all probability, they were beer and sex.

But... we only discuss advertising here.

So, judging it solely by the posts which prompted the greatest number of comments on this blog over the past 12 months, the main subjects of interest for 2007 were:

1. Big TV ads. Not everyone liked Gorilla, Guinness, Play-Doh Bunnies and Smirnoff. But we cared about whether they were good or not.

2. The question of originality. Turns out there'd been another ad with a drumming gorilla and two LA-based artists had depicted multicoloured bunnies in New York, and Heinz weren't the first people to slice a ketchup bottle.

3. Creativity (or the lack of it) in Digital. DDB London creative Rob Messeter's post on Digital And The Emperor's New Clothes created quite the shit-storm.

4. The Creative Director Merry-Go-Round. Saatchis, JWT, MCBD, Hurrell & Dawson, Grey and Y&R all got new Creative Directors in 2007. Only Premiership football managers change quicker.

5. Awards (various posts). Awards still determine how much we get paid, so however much we might like to pretend they don't matter, they do.

6. Which agencies were doing the best work. The consensus says it's Fallon, with a group behind them of W&K, Mother, BBH, DDB, and Abbott Mead.

Will the same themes be discussed in 2008?

Well, some of them are eternal.

For wherever there is an office with a door that can be closed, a pub to sit in, or a place in cyberspace that allows anonymous commenting, Creatives will bitch. That's just what we do.

We bitch about our bosses, the companies we work at, our peers, and the work itself.

And all of that will continue. Praise the Lord!

But one theme is new, or newish. And that's Digital. Most above-the-line creatives (here in the UK) are doing little or no digital work, but they are reading about it in Campaign and on blogs, and are wondering if it's going to stay in separate 'digital agencies' or whether they'll be doing it soon too, and if so, whether the work will be any good or not.

My guess is that Digital will not end up staying in separate agencies like DM has. We'll all be doing it. I think this is going to start happening very very quickly and my advice is to get on board now.

The creativity will improve, of course it will. Right now, Digital is in its infancy. People are still getting to grips with the medium itself, let alone how to be creative in it. Creative standards will leap forward just as they did in every medium. (Ever seen those early TV ads?)

And Digital will affect the big TV ads we're so patently still obsessed with. The question is how. Will it kill off the big TV ad, as fewer people tune in? Or will Digital herald a new golden age of TV creativity, on the grounds that if you don't entertain, you don't get eyeballs?

The situation is on-going... I won't pretend I have the answer.

But I'm pretty sure that's the question.