OK, the Morrisons ad is not good.

But I really like the John Lewis campaign.

A few people have written in to point out it's "inspired" by the work of artists Tim Noble & Sue Webster.

(See more of Tim & Sue's work here.
Did Lowes use them to make the John Lewis ads? I do hope so)

But you know what?

I don't care.

The ads feel classy like John Lewis should. The "whoever you're looking for this Christmas" line is a really nice spin on the hackneyed whatever you're looking for. Plus, they get to have their cake and scoff it also - the ad showcases their wares too.

And best of all, no Santa or tinsel in sight.

Even the Argos christmas ad isn't too bad this year. (Not on YouTube as yet, sorry).

What's going on? Is it just me, or is the standard of Christmas advertising actually on the rise?