Someone once said: "A poster should have no more than seven words on it."

That person made a schoolboy error.

You see, a poster should have NO words on it. None at all.

I really mean it.


Because a poster is not like TV, where the consumer is sitting on the sofa in his underpants, eating cheese & onion crisps, looking directly at your adverts.

No one is looking at a poster unless you make them.

Now if you want to catch a fish, you need a hook. And if you want to catch an eye, you need an image.

Crucially, an image of something people have never seen before.

So far so good. But the problem is - a logo is going to go on this poster, maybe a packshot, maybe an endline, maybe a web address or a phone number (who ever wrote down a phone number while they were travelling in a moving vehicle?)

In a way, there is already too much distracting shit on your poster before you even sit down to write it.

So make life easy on yourself, and accept that you cannot have a headline.

You just can't.

There's one exception. You can have just a headline, and strip away everything else. However, these nearly always end up being compromised when the client says it looks boring and wants you to add a background. So use carefully.

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