I think maybe it has.

This thing for Orange, which I first saw on Faris's blog and which was created by Iain Tait's crew over at Poke, is simply awesome.

I know I hosted a piece by DDB creative Rob Messeter saying that most interactive work is "pony" and "puerile", and of course a lot of it is. But then most TV ads and posters are rubbish too.

I suspect it may take just one incredible piece of digital work to change the perception that above-the-line creatives have about on-line (after all, perception always lags behind reality). This site may be it.

Even the loading screen is cool - bees deliver globs of honey to fill up a pot until it reaches 100%.

And the site itself...

Well, I'm not going to say anything about it. I urge you to check it out.

But something that gets you engaging with a brand's promise and its tone for half an hour - an hour even - that's got to be more effective than a 30 second TV ad, doesn't it?