John West 'Bear', John Smith's 'Peter Kay'... best creative in the UK? The comment section is at the bottom, Juan Cabral fans

Paul Silburn is to join Saatchis as co-CD with Kate Stanners. My opinion? He can't lose. Saatchis is an agency with a great creative heritage that hasn't been doing that well recently (with the notable exception of the Carlsberg work, e.g. the Old Lions ad by Dave Henderson and Richard Denney). It's like Juande Ramos taking over at Spurs. The only way is up.

Tim Brooke-Taylor is his uncle

Danny Brooke-Taylor is the new CD at Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy. Did a nice Eon ad the other day. I've never met him, but he's said to be so charming that clients eat out of his hand even when plates are provided.

Interesting hair, but what about the work?

Dave Alberts is to be replaced as CD of Grey. Well, Grey has only done one good campaign in the last five years. And that was the AOL "The internet - good thing or bad thing?" work that Paul & Nigel did when they were freelancing there.

Damon Collins

Damon Collins is taking over as CD of RKCR/Y&R. This is a quality hire, no doubt about it. Damon was my group head at Saatchi's a few years ago so I can report first-hand that he's clever, very personable, full of good ideas, and has excellent creative judgement. The complete package, basically. He did an incredible job as CD on Boots at Mother. Their advertising has been just unbelievably good in the last two or three years. The only question is how does he stay looking so young?

The McTearminator

Tony McTear has joined Fallon as a new CD. Tony trained to be a priest and has the reputation of being - how can I put it - a tad hardcore. If that's true, then he has found his perfect home at the Beak Street shop. I've met him a couple of times and he seemed like a pretty regular guy to me. Not sure you'd want to go up against him on a brief though. The man did Levi's 'Twisted', and PlayStation 'Mountain'. You might as well go down the pub for 2 weeks.

Crikey, what a hunk. Fake tan, mind

Al Moseley is the new CD at Hurrell & Dawson, which I sincerely hope will now be renamed Hurrell, Dawson and Moseley. It doesn't say much for a start-up if they don't think they need a Creative. I met Al once, when Scowling A.D. and I went for a job interview at W&K Amsterdam, and he was super-impressive, despite his inexplicable decision not to hire us. Smart. Charismatic. And his creative pedigree is impeccable (anyone else remember the Drum cider ad? Christ that was good). Al will be a success at H&D, no question.

Al again. Who says I don't look after the lady readers?

Well, that's what I think of these cats.

What does anyone else think? Which is the best hire? Who would you have gone for if you were an Ad Agency MD with 200-400K to spend?