Just kidding.

Seriously, there's actually nothing wrong with Powerpoint. Russell did an amazing post about cool stuff you can do with it.

But if a creative tried to... he would probably be carted off to the loonie bin. Why, I don't know. At the end of the day, it's just words and pictures, right? Nevertheless, use of powerpoint in creative circles is considered to be actively evil. So if you are a creative, do not use it. If you have for some reason learned how to use it, unlearn it. Fast.

The way a creative presents his or her work depends on which of the 3 possible audiences he is presenting to: creative director, team (account handlers, planners etc) or client.

Basically, the rule is, that the further up this list you go, the more fluff & preamble you should use.

Presenting to CD

For your CD, no preamble at all. I mean it. Nada.

Maybe remind him which brief you've come to show work on when you walk in, just to focus his mind, but that's it. I've learned this from a few bits and pieces that I've CD'ed in the last couple of years, so it's a fact. All a CD wants to see is the work. Nothing else.

What about reference? Only if a piece of reference is essential for understanding the idea, or a music track is fundamental to the idea or even is the idea (e.g. the use of 'Mad World' on that Gears Of War ad) then present the reference or the music. Otherwise, don't.

Next week - Presenting to Team.

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