Maybe there was never a chance it could live up to the hype. Maybe it was actually harmed by the release of all that teaser material, which leaves you feeling like you've already seen the ad, really.

But the fact is that the new Sony Bravia ad with the Play-Doh bunnies is probably the weakest installment of the trilogy.

I did like the bit where the little bunny waited to cross the road. And it was very cool when the whale-tail turned into a giant rabbit.

But the waves and cubes didn't do much for me. Why take it beyond bunnies? One surreal twist is fine, but don't lay loads of them on me, because I get lost.

Also, the music is way too on the nose. It feels like they've done groups which told them 'consumers aren't getting that the ads are supposed to be about colour' so they've gone and found a 'colour song'.

Plus, I found that the people moving in stop-motion - in addition to the bunnies - was very distracting and somewhat lame. Shoulda rubbed them out in post, in my view.

Then again, what do I know? All I've done was a thing with watches falling from the sky, and people complained that was both irrelevant and dangerous. At least bunnies never hurt anyone.