So we didn't have to wait long for reports claiming that Play-Doh Bunnies is "ripped-off" from an artist's work.

A 'wave of bunnies' by the same artist may even explain why there's a wave in the ad.

Now, I don't think the ad's that great.

But these accusations are just ridiculous.

For the last time - originality is not a moral issue, it's an effectiveness issue. The more original a piece of work is, the more effective it is, because it feels fresher. Just like how a joke is always funniest the first time you hear it. Now, as very very few people in the world have seen this artist's work, the idea absolutely feels fresh; there is NO problem here.

(N.B. there's one exception to this rule. You can rip off a short film, you can rip off a pop promo, but you don't rip off another man's ad. That is rude. Even if it did only run in Malaysia, in about 1974).