On Monday night, this ad won the top award at Campaign Posters.

Less than two days later, these images whizz around the industry.

For me, this is a much more serious accusation than the Play Doh Bunnies/ LA artists plagiarism debate.

Re-purposing a painting with rabbits in it into a TV ad for colour televisions is an imaginative leap that undeniably requires craft and talent.

But the Heinz poster appears to be nothing more than a direct lift.

It's more like the scandal of the MFI ads on TV in the UK right now, which are a virtual re-make of ads that ran for IKEA in the US.

The question there was - had the UK agency (M&C Saatchi) seen the IKEA work (by Crispin Porter) and ripped it off, or was it just a coincidence?

Until someone squeals, we'll never know.

But in the Heinz case, I'm giving the McCann's creatives the benefit of the doubt. I doubt they'd seen these other ads. I mean, one of them looks like it's from Indonesia or somewhere like that.

Obviously it's deeply wrong that McCanns' should win creative awards (that's not what McCann's is for) but I don't think it's dishonest.

Whatever. The ad's not really that good anyway, is it? It's not even the best ad for Heinz I've seen recently.

This is.