a prickly character

Today's poll is inspired by some stories in 'Get Smashed':

Bob Brooks "grabbed [an account man] by his tie and shoved him against the wall and smashed a big glass-framed painting, screaming at the top of his lungs."

Charles Saatchi "was a quiet and intense individual. What little he did say tended to be of a hostile nature."

Robert Brownjohn "liked a drink in the afternoon, often to deal with the hangover from the night before... he was rail thin, emaciated. He'd been a junkie and was friends with Miles Davis... he turned into an alcoholic."

Maybe the best creatives are uncompromising, and that means they'd never win any diplomat of the year awards.

Then again, David Abbott is a consummate gentleman, and John Webster was shy and unassuming.

So my question this week is - do difficult people do the best work? Or is that just a myth, put about by average creatives with an attitude problem?

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