Last night, Indra Sinha didn't win the Booker prize (Britain's top literary award) for his novel Animal's People.

But getting shortlisted (he was in the final six) is itself an incredible achievement, and usually the best book doesn't win anyway.

Indra Sinha was one of the top creatives in London a few years ago, working mostly at CDP and mostly on print, before going on to do amazing work for the victims of the Bhopal disaster, and write novels.

I reckon he's the 4th ex-copywriter to be nominated for a Booker, after Fay Weldon, Salman Rushdie and Peter Carey. If you can think of others, do let me know.

Here's the ad commonly considered Indra's best.

This won 3 silvers at D&AD, in 1989.

It is brilliant, and would undoubtedly still work today. In fact... it does. M&C basically nicked the 'could you?' from the headline and made it the endline for the Metropolitan Police's current campaign.

Oddly enough, on his website, Indra states that he doesn't have any of his ads to put up, because after he decided to leave advertising and become a writer, he burnt his portfolio. Sounds like he was quite keen to switch then.

Still, he talks warmly of his advertising days, and the little 'advertising' section on his website is worth a visit, if only to see the poster for sausages... art-directed by Tony Kaye.

We all start somewhere.